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Water Jet skiing

A Special bar on the speedboat is available for beginners making it easier to learn and have a more fun.Skis available for Children and adults.

Snorkeling and Diving

Can do wonderful sea activities. You can enjoy swimming in the Indian Ocean, see tropical fishes and sometimes turtles. We provide the equipment and Snorkeling guide.

Banana & tube ride

The most straightforward way to tube ride is by body surfing. A body surfer may ride the waves on your belly without a board and thus you can relatively easily access the tube.


Imagine you are at the edge of the sea on a day when it is difficult to say where the land ends and the sea begins and where the sea ends and the sky begins; sea kayaking lets you explore these and your own boundaries which broaden your horizon. Cliffs, sandy beaches, sea life are just some of the many reasons to sea kayak in Sri Lanka.


Glass-bottomed boats can be rented to dive down to the fish filled reef. What can be more romantic and magical other than paddling at a leisurely island pace along the palm-fringed coast? Sri Lanka’s clear water and glass bottom boats—a perfect combination for fun and discovery.


Being surrounded by sun-warmed shallow waters where food is in abundance means that shoals of fish flock to the waters off Trincomalee. Avid anglers are bound to find paradise in the calm blue waters of the Bay of Bengal… A plentiful catch and fresh fish for dinner… what more could you want?

Customer Reviews

Beautiful, relaxing hidden gem

Wow! This was an amazing place to spend a few nights. It really is a hidden gem away from the hectic town. Its like a little riverside paradise. Im almost nervous to review this place as i would hate for it to become too popular and ruin its tranquility!

alex t
Nicely located

We stayed in this hotel on 26.11.2018 with family. The hotel is just on the bank of Bentota river and beautiful location. The rooms are very nice, big, net & clean. It looks like a garden and they are having the water sports facility but I don't know about it's price reason ability.It is having small swimming pool also.

Simply Amazing

The hotel is located on Bentota river. The resort has its own water sports facility which is simply amazing and have good rates when compared to others. The staff, they are the soul of this resort. All the people working in the resort and people in water sports area are awesome and so nice. It is truly highly recommended resort.

Pir Idrees
The most friendly & welcoming place

The rooms are relatively spacy, so are the balconies. The restaurant has a menue with great variances - very good when you stay at the place for a while. In addition the kitchen is very flexible to make exactly the dishes you wish, with 'withs' and 'withouts'.